Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And they loved each other

Hey you

How are you? (please feel free to answer this question in the comment fact..I encourage you to)

Anyway this past weekend I went to 2 weddings, one was a dear friend of mine and the other was my cousin,both were utterly delightful. I tried at both weddings to catch the bouquet....but we'll leave it at that.

You know I always said I'll never do weddings,they are too much work and I just never thought I would enjoy it etc etc, BUT lately I have been rethinking this a lot...for 2 reasons.

1)I've had a couple of enquiries about doing weddings
2)I love photographing LOVE.

I really think that capturing a wedding is an artwork...each photo its own masterpiece.

So anyway , Im open for wedding business now too I guess!

Here are just 3 pictures (Im sick ) from my cousins wedding (thanks Tam and Paul!)

hope you're all having a great week. I sure am..why? you ask....

1)Im getting a website done...and its going to be amazing.
2) cant remember.


This really is one of favourite images.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Desmond and his Tutu? Juniper Coals?The City was Skylit? it all went down at Unit 11...

"Durban hasnt seen a jol like Saturdays one in a while" to quote 2Slice from zero31

I shall agree. I shall.

You've all heard me talk about Unit 11  a LOT. Its where I reclaimed my "ping pong championship title"  and where numerous rad bands have played and will continue to do so.  

Let me first start by saying... that I will be the first to admit I made a couple mistakes that night... 
namely :

1) I left before the party REALLY REALLY happened.
2) I wore a blazer.
3) I couldn't tip the car guard because I used up all my change...GUILTY.

Whats the big deal with wearing blazer to a music event? Please....please...I cannot even comprehend the error,and I really cant get into why I had to keep the blazer on. So lets blur right on.

Anyway, we had 3 rocking bands playing there, first up SkyLit City  ,check these boys out, I unfortunately missed out on their I have no pics of them . I APOLOGISE TO YOU on national blogging.

Then we had Coals of Juniper , who I thought rocked. (does my opinion count a lot? )

And last but never least Desmond and the Tutus , who...lets face it...rocked Durbans face off.

Dusty Rich from I art ink was M.C for the night...(did I mention I won a voucher on THE  twitter to get some more ink done...STOKED..but thats for another blog), anyway he was giving away Hruki shirts and Ramsfest tickets...which funnily enough was won by Jonas... you all know Jonas.. my camera loves him. I love the band he belongs to, The La Els, they really are my favourite. 

Like I said, I had to leave (very sadly) after their first song...and I thought the party was at its peak then... it was sweatier than a bakery at 4am...and more crammed than a sardine tin. (Unit 11 you did GOOD).
Anyway so I went home after their first song,feeling pretty darn content... I go home...sleep...wake up...and..

I hear that things peaked liked EXPONENTIALLY after I had gone (the two are not related)... I heard people where dancing in the streets, some girl got thrown a little too hard...(into a light..but she's fine ok..she's fine..I think), Durban Celebs like Bob Perfect (Bob is this your real name?) ,Marty from City Bowl Mizers and 2slice (my homeslice) from zero31 were sitting on the drum kit during the performance and such... Apparently there was crowd surfing to the max?? please people confirm this all to me? So you can imagine how bleak I was to 
1)have missed all this fun-ness and 
2)to have no pictures of the latter. Im still bleak actually.

Anyway I think this little gig has really put my favourite little ping pong hang out ,Unit 11, on the map. (please note there is WAY more than ping pong going on there...) 
PLEASE can you all just be smart and go there....often.Come challenge me to a game of ping pong,I dare you...not.

This post is so long and I did so many link backs I deserve an award.

I love you Durban folk.

Here are only a few pics from the night, cos the rest are going to appear somewhere else. 
If you want to see your face from the night..go here

 Coals of Juniper

Mr Dusty Rich the M.C

I was so stoked Jonas won the tickets that I only photographed half his face,please note 2slice clutching onto Jonas for dear life. (he wanted those tickets)

2Slice,Jonas,Matt the Knight and Bob Perfect (Durban celebs I tell you)

 The crowd-lively bunch

Desmond and the Tutu's

All she said was...

Good Monday afternoon to YOU...

So I did another kiddies portrait session today and it was just GRAND.
I have got to tell you that these two little girls are pretty darn cute....I happen to be Hannah's (the older sister) teacher,  so naturally cuteness runs in my classroom. In fact as a rule of thumb I always teach my kids to reveal their inner cuteness...ok I made that up. Anyway, the little one,Sophie...was hilarious...not only does she sing Justin Bieber on cue... but every time I pointed the camera in her direction ...


 'stinky cheese'....

I laughed. A LOT.

Lets not waste time with words...
on to the pictures I say.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Its my blog..and I'll post what I want to.... (sing it)

Dear YOU...

(I have decided I enjoy starting my posts off like this... because then you feel more special and etc etc)

To say this week has been a blur...well ..yes...thats exactly what I'll say...a BLUR.

What I didn't enjoy about this week:
1) Having all of Durban's ant farm invade my classroom..for a week.
2)Having ants everywhere.
3)Missing out on some sleep.

What I did enjoy about this week:
1)The kids in my class coming to give me hugs at random times and telling me they love me. (tissue?)
2)Listening to as much Mumford and Sons as possible (you wont regret following that link)
3)Taking lots and lots of kids photos... 5 sessions in total...2 more  this week. SHIZAMMY.
4)Everyone finally understanding what Unit 11 is all about.... ITS ABOUT TIME.
5)Learning how to make margaritas with my friends...on Valentines Day.
6)The drive to and from the new airport...its quite lovely. (when you know where you are going)
7)Getting my sister to win me a tattoo voucher. (thanks sibling)

*Please note the goods outweigh the bads by double.

Anyway the point of this whole post was to let you know I shall be blogging about some kids this week and then ALSO some older kids (and by older I mean adults) from Unit 11's insane vibe on Saturday night.

I leave you with my newest favourite images...from one of my recent kiddies portrait sessions.
AND YES...I know exactly what you are all thinking...where are the kids?  (I cut them out the images ok) there I said it.

I love you all. (especially you Marcus Mumford) yes I can have a celebrity crush...Im a girl ok.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small I promised...

Without further adieu (is that right?correct me if Im wrong) is the 1st of 6 of my kiddy portrait sessions over the next week. 

These are 2 VERY adorable girls, the dear little blonde one,Anna.asked me all day long when it was time for to take the photos. Can we all just say "Cute" together??? Ok lets do it...1,2,3..... Cuuuuuuute. (I hope you said it..otherwise Im going to be embarrassed)

Have a great weekend friends... I plan on spending mine in the sun... as I did today...and now have some ridiculous shirt tan to prove it.

Love to all.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im still here...mostly

Dear you (I like to make you feel special)

So I have been a bad blogger ok...Ive been back teaching and moulding the young 5 year old minds...and having way too much fun with my class...seriously,I love those kids. Anyway...I feel like I have only been blogging about kids... well I guess I feel this way because its true.,and it shows no signs of stopping. I have got 4 or 5 kids portrait sessions lined up in the next 2 weeks,so well...I will continue with the small people pictures on here. But SOON, I shall blog some other stuff.

I leave you with a small person's picture. Seriously? Seriously CUTE.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


That bond between a mother and her child is probably one of the most incredible things. I think being a mom is one of the MOST amazing ideas God ever had.  Like he was just relaxing after he made the world and then he was all..'you know...that Eve...she needs a little person to nurture and love...and I shall call it motherhood'. AMAZING..truly amazing. I just felt like posting this pic because it is full of love.

Hope you all having a super spectacular weekend.Go hug your mom. (Im serious)